Swati offers workshops at several locations. Anyone can attend these workshops with or without prior knowledge of yoga, unless where specified. Cost of each workshop may vary depending on type of workshop & its duration. Some workshops are held for supporting a cause and a suggested minimum donation may apply where specified.




August 26th, 2017

Length : 60 mins.

Time : 6-7 pm

Levels : Open to All Levels & Beginners

Props: Use on-site Chairs or bring your own mat/ meditation cushion.

Investment : $45 pp

Venue : Salinity Salt Spa Room

Learn to effectively calm, tame & manage the mind with the ancient meditative techniques under the guidance of the experienced meditation instructor. A consistent practice of meditation is proven to improve the overall health, boost energy, increase the grey matter of the brain, improve memory and aid in concentration, lower blood pressure & stress, strengthen the will power. It also aids in overcoming weaknesses & letting go of fears, anxiety & other forms of negativity and gaining clarity and purpose in life and a stronger sixth-sense. It helps one introspect and reflect for finding, focusing on & improving your life goals and aid one’s spiritual growth & problem-solving capacity. Salt Meditation aims at giving you the best of the two worlds! The salt therapy room setting is ideal to practice meditation as the ambiance will automatically cut-off the distractions & noise of the busy world to speed the process of meditation with increased efficiency and effectiveness with added bonus of all the benefits of breathing in salt air. Explore & learn different meditation techniques in each workshop and gain insight from the pearls of wisdom on different relevant topics to reflect upon to keep you in touch with your True Self !

Reservation Options ~
Pay by Check/ Cash/ Credit Card at above listed venue.


“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” - Daniel J. Boorstin